Hand-weaving tartan fabric in Burkina Faso. © Anne Mimault & ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative


Mimi Plange is a modern women’s wear brand launched in 2010 by American-Ghanaian designer, Mimi Plange. Lost African civilizations inspire the Mimi Plange clothing and gives the collection a depth of meaning. High quality craftsmanship is reflected in each Mimi Plange piece and the brand prides itself on making well-constructed and fitted clothing. The Mimi Plange woman moves in international circles and is successful, cultured and conscientious. Mimi Plange says “I design clothes for a woman who wears what suits her. She has nothing to prove.” Mimi Plange’s designs have gained the seal of approval from American first-lady Michelle Obama, pop-queen Rihanna and tennis star, Serena Williams.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative selected Mimi Plange to participate in the Beat of Africa event at Biffi Boutiques during Milan Fashion Week. Mimi Plange is also working to produce a leather bag collection with the initiative in Ethiopia.