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The Ethical Fashion Initiative believes in building a responsible fashion industry.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative harnesses fashion as a vehicle for positive change. With every order, fashion partners contribute to improving the lives of those involved with the positive impact often extending to the entire community.

Working with artisans, the Ethical Fashion Initiative wants to shed light on labour and sustainability issues & encourage change. To measure this change, we have developed a monitoring tool called RISE that measures the social impact, sustainability and traceability of fashion goods.


RISE is a tool developed by the Ethical Fashion Initiative to monitor and track the impact of producing fashion items.

The aim of RISE is to ensure that production activities take place within an ethical and fully traceable supply chain.

RISE communicates the added value brought by artisanal production. RISE aims to highlight the various skills involved, the attention to detail and the handmade quality of the product.

The information gathered through RISE is made public, thus responding to the growing consumer demand for supply chain transparency.


Scroll down to download some of our Impact Assessment reports drafted in 2015 and 2016 for orders placed by Ethical Fashion Initiative partners.

Go through the photo gallery below to meet artisans working with the Ethical Fashion Initiative. Visit our Pinterest page to meet more.


The Ethical Fashion Initiative collaborated with supply chain mapping experts, Sourcemap to develop its own traceability platform, RISEMAP.

RISEMAP expands on the Ethical Fashion Initiative’s impact assessment system and aims to map the complexity of supply chains and visually showcase the production process with photos and videos.

With RISEMAP, the Ethical Fashion Initiative hopes to further its efforts in raising awareness and bringing transparency to fashion’s supply chain.

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The RISE Logic

There are three stages to the RISE scheme:

Assess – provides information on the initial situation of the beneficiaries and their performance that the Ethical Fashion Initiative aims to change.

Control – allows clear and objective capturing, measuring and monitoring of the activities of artisans, fair labour compliance and environmental performance during the production period.

Trace – captures the information in a regular and systematic manner to monitor impact results, credibility and transparency across the entire chain of producers.

RISE works through continuous data gathering through assessments, focus group discussions, surveys, mappings, tracking tools and other twenty different methods. This data is then analysed and made available online.


The RISE scheme is applied to all entities collaborating with the Ethical Fashion Initiative.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative’s partners from the industry have the option of including a “product passport” to their products to communicate their involvement in the RISE scheme and their support towards a more ethical fashion industry. The RISE tag includes information on the location of product and a QR code to guide the reader to more data and stories gathered through RISE. The product passport is included as a tag attached to items produced through the Ethical Fashion Initiative collaboration. The RISE passport is a mark of ethical and sustainable production.

The RISE tag template can be adapted to a brand’s tag design.

Example of an Ethical Fashion Initiative RISE Tag used by partners like Mimco and Karen Walker.