The hands of a Maasai artisan working on beadwork © Louis Nderi & ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative


Altaroma is Rome’s fashion week that has specialised in showcasing and supporting emerging designers from Italy and around the world.

Altaroma and the Ethical Fashion Initiative partnership developed alongside the African Designer programme. In 2013, Altaroma introduced a segment focused on African fashion co-managed by the Ethical Fashion Initiative. African fashion designers selected to be part of the Ethical Fashion Initiative programme were able to show their latest collections on the runway and at Altaroma’s Room Service showroom event.

Ethical Fashion Initiative fashion partners having participated in Altaroma include: Anita Quansah London, Christie Brown, duaba serwa, Kiki Clothing, Lisa Folawiyo, Mina Evans, MO SAÏQUE, PortenierRoth and Stella Jean.