Commonthread is the DMC lifestyle brand. Commonthread uses DMC’s world renowned textiles to create innovative projects for modern makers. By providing trend-setting kits and DIY inspiration, Commonthread appeals to DIY artists and hobbyists all over the world. Commonthread engages consumers through high quality products, inspiration, tutorials, and sharing opportunities via social media. Commonthread honours the heritage of stitching while providing fun and innovative ways to teach the next generation this timeless art. By matching the best textiles in the world with uniquely creative products, Commonthread offers everything you need to experience a life handmade.

In 2016, the Ethical Fashion Initiative began its partnership with Commonthread to bring high quality DMC materials to artisans in Haiti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burkina Faso and Mali. Through their involvement, DMC is showing their unwavering commitment to promoting craft and handmade goods that are ethically made by talented artisans across the world. The Ethical Fashion Initiative is thrilled of this collaboration, bringing quality materials to its projects and encouraging new design ideas.