Close-up of weaving in Burkina Faso © Anne Mimault & ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative


EDUN is a global fashion brand based in New York. In respect of its mission to source production and encourage trade in Africa, EDUN mixes its modern design vision with the richness and positivity of this fast-growing continent. EDUN is building long-term, sustainable growth opportunities by supporting manufacturers, community-based initiatives, and partnering with African artists and artisans.

EDUN first partnered with the Ethical Fashion Initiative for their Spring/Summer 2017 collection, launched in September 2016 during New York Fashion Week. The collection featured handwoven cotton fabric made by the Ethical Fashion Initiative’s artisan network in Burkina Faso. Since, EDUN has continued to develop and use textiles from Burkina Faso in its Pre Fall 2017 and Fall 2017 collection. EDUN’s commitment not only provided much needed trade for the artisan groups in Burkina Faso but EDUN’s research for unique fabrics and colourways has also pushed artisans in Burkina Faso to develop new skills and explore new weaving techniques.

The partnership between EDUN and the Ethical Fashion Initiative has seemed like a natural fit from the beginning as both brands are committed to developing manufacturing capacities in Africa and showcasing the incredible creativity and handwork from the continent.

Founded by Ali Hewson and Bono in 2005, LVMH invested in EDUN in 2009.