FROM THE ROAD is a brand born out of a love for off-the-grid travel, a passion for artisanal techniques, and a desire to make beautiful objects with soul. Founder Susan Easton travels the globe creating limited-edition pieces and telling the stories behind them. The collection spans fashion and home, with a single unifying vision: Every item represents the union of rapidly disappearing indigenous techniques and a modern design sensibility.

In 2016, the Ethical Fashion Initiative partnered with FROM THE ROAD to expand its artisan network to Asia and instate an ethical supply chain of hand-woven yak and cashmere textiles.

Together, the Ethical Fashion Initiative and FROM THE ROAD work with artisans in Nepal and will develop a special sourcing programme to source quality raw material from nomadic herders in Tibet. A long-term goal of this partnership is to improve artisans’ ability to spin the raw material into thread through the introduction of spinning machines.

The hand-weaving sector of Nepal has experienced years of struggle due to the introduction of machinery and increased competition from fast fashion. It is the hope of the Ethical Fashion Initiative and FROM THE ROAD to bring the industry back to life to sustain its long-standing traditions of hand weaving, spinning and dyeing.