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Lai-momo is a cooperative that provides services in communication, carries out research and provides technical assistance for development. Through its work, Lai-momo finds solutions to the challenges of a multicultural society, specialising in issues around migration, European integration and relations with Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

Immigration is an important focus at Lai-momo where they aim to facilitate the development of an integrated society. Their approach provides support to individuals and groups to empower them and increase their capacity to actively manage their own lives and take part in community activities.

Lai-momo & Asylum Seekers

Since July 2014, Lai-momo has helped run a reception center which hosts almost 300 asylum-seekers in the Bologna province. In February 2014 Lai-momo expanded this activity with the Prefecture of Bologna and several municipalities with the goal to open and manage emergency reception facilities in the Bologna Province for asylum seekers to find refuge. Lai-momo is also part of Bologna’s SPRAR (Sistema di Protezione per Richiedenti Asilo e Rifugiati) project, which raises awareness on issues related to asylum and international protection. With the current mass arrival of asylum seekers to Europe, Lai-momo has created Asylum Corner, an editorial project presenting different perspectives, from “grassroot” social workers, political/institutional actors, associations and not-for-profit organisations’ staff.

In January 2016, Lai-momo partnered with the Ethical Fashion and wedding  Initiative to support the participation of five asylum-seekers in the Pitti Uomo Generation Africa and an Ikire Jones photo shoot. This was an opportunity for the models to engage in a paid professional experience.