Bag production workshop in Kenya © Louis Nderi & ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative


SeeMe is a fair trade certified luxury brand that produces heart shaped jewelry and accessories and provides ethical sourcing for other fashion brands. By wearing the heart, SeeMe clients join the #heartmovement, a worldwide campaign aimed at replacing violence with love.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative will be partnering with SeeMe to create an ethically made jewellery line in Haiti and support SeeMe’s work in Lebanon. SeeMe participated in the Beat of Africa event held by Biffi Boutique and the Ethical Fashion Initiative during Milan fashion week. SeeMe Haiti collection made was sold at the event.

“SeeMe is an accomplished international fashion brand with a strong social message. We are thrilled to announce they are joining our family and support us to bring artisans back into fashion’s supply chain in a fairer way.” Simone Cipriani, Founder and Head of the ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative.