With the Support and Partnership of the European Union


Migration and Displacement

A view of Sari-Chowk Square, Kabul. Photo Credit: UNAMA/Fardin Waezi

We are working with social enterprises in Central Asia and Africa to address migration push conditions, using fashion and lifestyle food as a vehicle for structural, environmental, social and economic transformation.

Tackling Migration Push Factors

Demographic factors such as worsening political and environmental conditions, lack of favourable employment opportunities, good health and educational facilities and conflict are the major causes of people’s decision to migrate in search of a better life.

While migration has its positives, the negative impact of migration leads to a serious slowdown in world economic activity, and the need to avert migration push factors at origin is therefore required.

EFI Social Enterprises

EFI operates according to business model that links artisans, micro-producers internally displaced people, returnees and potential migrants from the developing world through Social enterprises, which act as hubs for production and commercialisation of lifestyle products.

This model supports informal business processing units, farmers and artisanal groups to formalise their structure and operation to benefit from the international value chains of fashion and food.

We help to build the capacity of these informal industries through creating links to the market, and offer support in the acquisition of tools, equipment and application of technology to improve productivity for better income

Providing work opportunities to internally displaced people, returnees and potential migrants through a market framework, contributes to broader economic development, skill development and job creation, food security, conflict resolution, poverty reduction, environmental conservation, human development and growth.