The Designers

Current Designer Accelerator brands


Côte d’Ivoire, 2021-2022 Accelerator

Laurenceairline brings together a path between cultures, drawing contemporary and timeless silhouettes with deep African roots by highlighting both the designer’s care for the people and the environment.  Laurenceairline manages all production in-house, producing sustainable collections with their team of tailors from Bassam whilst sourcing most of their fabrics from local markets, contributing to the local community and creating relationships of trust.

Ohiri Studio

Côte d’Ivoire, 2021-2022 Accelerator

OHIRI is a creative studio that engages ancient arts and know-how in a contemporary universe. Their approach is to understand the symbolism of the jewel in certain ancient cultures and to reinterpret it through different mediums, making free and abstract interpretations. Sensitive to the issue of the environment, and with a degree in sustainable development economics, Akébéhi strives to do everything in her power to ensure that their project is sustainable and respectful of the environment and people.

Kente Gentlemen

Côte d’Ivoire, 2021-2022 Accelerator

Established in 2017, Kente Gentlemen is first and foremost a clothing brand, with each piece tailored in unique style and contemporary design.

With a focus on upcycling, recycling and respecting the engagements made within their local cooperatives, the brand prides itself on sustainability and community engagement in its town of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Atelier VO

Benin, 2021-2022 Accelerator

Atelier V.O is a brand created by VESTIAIRE ORIGINAL, both a concept store located in Cotonou, Benin, dedicated to lifestyle brands made in Africa, as well as a RTW designer label. The store selects independent African brands, favouring those that enhance knowledge and local raw materials in order to impact their region. Morayo wishes to develop a conscious brand according to a circular model by sourcing textiles exclusively made in Africa, and by working with local artisans while ensuring their well-being.

Oudy K

Mali, 2021-2022 Accelerator

Oudy Keita is a successful Mali-based entrepreneur having both founded a concept store featuring garments, salon, restaurant, pool and co-working space in Bamako, whilst also launching an Afropolitan designer brand for men and women produced in the city. The founder offers minimalist and sophisticated clothing that will highlight the wearer and serve as an extension of their personality. Raw materials and the decision to produce locally (made in Mali) set the brand apart and reflect the integration of the UN’s SDGs into their production and ethos.