Chan Luu – Holiday 21

The jewellery of this collection was made in Kenya our social enterprise partner ARTISAN FASHION

84% of the artisans were women

A total of 112 artisans worked on this order, producing 2025 units 

Each piece in the collection is handmade by artisan collectives using local jewelry making techniques. Artisans are able to earn a fair, living wage in a safe environment — benefitting their families and local economies.

7 Artisan Groups

Skills used:


Natural Materials Dark

Natural Materials

Community Engagement Dark

Community Engagement

Trackable Dark

Trackable Provenance

“I am a 28-year-old mother of 1 girl. Beading is not only my main source of income but also my passion: I enjoy making beautiful beaded products for international clients! I joined Ushindi Women Group last year and, thanks to this and the previous orders, I improved my skills and learnt how to manage my income”.

Alice Wangala, 28 years old

“I have always lived in a slum, which comes with the challenge of few job opportunities. I earn my daily income as a cleaner or doing beadwork, which gives me a far better sense of purpose and allows me to care of my 3 children and my family. I really en- joyed working on the lapis and yellow bracelets, and I hope for more orders”.

Ruth Mumbi, 39 years old

Meet the Makers

People first. Fair supply chain. Living wages. Dignified working conditions.

We carry out a Social Impact Report for every collection made in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative. 

Social workers are embedded in the communities in which we work, and closely monitor the implementation of our code of conduct. 

Extensive data is collected to carefully measure the impact of each order, to ensure that the work is positively impacting the lives of the artisans and that our projects are working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.