MIMCO Lovers Knot Collection 2019


This collection was made in Kenya, with our social enterprise partners Artisan Fashion.

78% of the artisans were women

A total of 148 artisans worked on this order

82% of artisans saved part of their income from the order, and used it to pay for school fees and other needs

100% Worker satisfaction was recorded

Materials Used


East African Cotton



Cotton Kikoy

Cotton Waxed Cord

Glass Beads

Fact File

Building capacity is a key part of our work. During this order, 99% of artisans received training, which contributed to their income generating prospects. 

Click here to download the full impact assessment report. 


“I would really like to thank Artisan Fashion for their long-time support for the group. I can easily acquire new skills through regular trainings while working on new and different orders. Artisans Fashion has provided me with employment that helps me solve my basic monetary problems. I can also use the employment as security to secure a loan and do other things without too much stress!”

Jackline Mugaduka, 36 years old

“I am the assistant technician at Artisan Fashion. During this Mimco order I assisted in the cutting department, and learnt new skills in leather cutting and preparation. I am grateful for the orders from Mimco as I get to learn new things and develop my production skills each order. I was able to send my child to school, thanks to the money I earn working for Artisan Fashion.”

Josephat Chege, 30 years old

“I am a machinist at Artisan Fashion. I worked on the Mimco JAS19 order, completing the decoration stitches on the beaded panels, as well as assisting with the bag construction. I enjoy working for Artisan Fashion, I learn new things each order, I am able to pay school fees for my two children, and we have enough money for food, as well as healthcare if we need it!”

Asumpta Musau, 35 years old

“I am grateful to Artisan Fashion for this opportunity. I have learnt new skills from doing this work and I enjoy doing it. I use the income to pay school fees for my children as well as secure wealth in terms of livestock. I have also been able to build a modern house using the money I earn.”

Rebecca Njoki, 60 years old

People first. Fair supply chain. Living wages. Dignified working conditions.

We carry out a Social Impact Report for every collection made in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative. 

Social workers are embedded in the communities in which we work, and closely monitor the implementation of our code of conduct. 

Extensive data is collected to carefully measure the impact of each order, to ensure that the work is positively impacting the lives of the artisans and that our projects are working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.