United Arrows TEGE Menswear Collection 2017


88% Women

The field visits of United Arrows’ creatives provided artisans with an amazing opportunity to learn about product development, international trends and requirements.

4 Community groups in Burkina Faso


CABES are our social enterprise partners in Burkina Faso. 

The regular flow of orders allowed CABES to offer work to an increasing number of artisans, providing them with a steady income and enabling them to lift themselves out of poverty through work. 

Fact File

Each artisan produced on average meters of fabric 57.84 meters of fabric.

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“The work provided allows me to support my family financially; I can pay my children’s school fees, cover their medical expenses and buy clothes. I feel fulfilled when I go to work. Each order is a new challenge that contributes to my professional development and allows me to learn new skills”.

Christiane Zoungrana, 45 years old

“I am a mother of two. During the production of the order, I was trained on how to use the pedals of the large width looms, which contributed to my professional development. I enjoy coming to work because I am respected and I consider my colleagues as mothers and sisters.”

Sarata Zangré, 20 years old

“I do not have any children, but I take care of my brother. The income I earned through the production of this order allowed me to cover his school fees and to buy him medicine. What I like most about my work is the team spirit that brings the artisans together”.

Zalissa Sawadogo, 20 years old


“My work gives me joy because it makes me feel valued. It also provides me with a stable income, which ensures my food safety and allows me to have a roof over my head. This order allowed me to improve my weaving skills on large width looms”.

Hortence Tuina, 40 years old

People first. Fair supply chain. Living wages. Dignified working conditions.

We carry out a Social Impact Report for every collection made in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative. 

Social workers are embedded in the communities in which we work, and closely monitor the implementation of our code of conduct. 

Extensive data is collected to carefully measure the impact of each order, to ensure that the work is positively impacting the lives of the artisans and that our projects are working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.