United Arrows TÉGÊ 2019 Collection


The fabric for this collection was made in Burkina Faso, with our social enterprise partner CABES

89% of the artisans were women

A total of 29 artisans worked on this order, producing 661 metres of fabric!

Artisans from 5 different groups and cooperatives across Burkina Faso were involved in the production of this order.

100% Worker satisfaction was recorded

Materials Used


East African Cotton Canvas

East African Cow Leather

Cotton Waxed Cord

Glass Seed Beads

Skills Used




Weaving on large width looms 


Click here to download the full impact assessment report. 


“My name is Zongo Brigitte, I am 28 years old. I am mother of 4 and I weave since 7years ago. I like this job because it provides me with the necessary money to take care of my children and to cover my own needs. The skills I am developing through the orders are will contribute to increase my income in the future. I am really happy to work among other women and I am grateful to United Arrows for the orders”.

Zongo Brigitte, AFEPO, Ponsomtenga

“My name is Hortence Tuina, I am over 40 years old. I weaved 50 meters from this order. I met challenges because it was my first time to weave this kind of fabric. I learnt a lot from the experience. This order has mainly contributed to the payment of the rent of my house and my transport expenses”.

Tuina Hortence, COFATEX, Bobo Dioulasso

“My name is Konanga Monique, I am 33 years old and I am mother of 3. This order has helped me developed new skills. Thanks to the work provided, I have been able to pay for my children school fees and support my husband. Working on orders on a regular basis allows us to have a regular income which helps us improve our living conditions”.

Konanga Monique, AFEPO, Ponsomtenga

“My name is Habou Elie, I am 30 years old.
I am happy about the collaboration with Ethical Fashion Initiative and Its partner United Arrows. This order helped me cover my usual expenses. I have worked on this kind of fabrics before but this one was particular. I learned and we got paid enough to invest in our enterprise and support our families. I want to thank United Arrows for the confidence towards us”.

Habou Elie, INOVATEX, Bobo Dioulasso

People first. Fair supply chain. Living wages. Dignified working conditions.

We carry out a Social Impact Report for every collection made in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative. 

Social workers are embedded in the communities in which we work, and closely monitor the implementation of our code of conduct. 

Extensive data is collected to carefully measure the impact of each order, to ensure that the work is positively impacting the lives of the artisans and that our projects are working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.