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Burkina Faso

One of the most important cotton producers on the African continent, Burkina Faso has a strong tradition of textile production. A labour intensive process mostly involving women, strengthening this sector leads to job creation and allows us to create substantial social impact.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative works with a network of 15 weaving ateliers that produce ‘Faso Danfani’ (meaning woven dyed yarn) the quintessential Burkinabé textile.

Stripes are the signature style of handwoven danfani fabric, but artisans can also weave complex tartan and hounds-tooth designs.

The introduction of wide looms, producing cloth 120cm wide, has made this fabric attractive to international buyers, including EDUN, Vivienne Westwood and United Arrows. The Ethical Fashion Initiative is building production capability in the cotton industry here, investing in both training and equipment. 

The project in Burkina Faso started in 2014 with funding from the SECO. This was followed by funding from the EU’s ACP fund. Since 2017 the EFI project in Burkina Faso is funded by the EU Emergency Trust Fund.

CABES: Our Social Enterprise Partner

Meet the Artisans

Mariam Ouedraogo
Spinner, AZPF Weavers

Christiane Zoungrana

Weaver, AZPF Weavers


Mariam Maiga

President of CABES

Lizeta Sawadogo, 

Weaver, AZPF Weavers

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