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Nairobi, Kenya, was the birthplace of the Ethical Fashion Initiative in 2009. A true success story, the project has greatly expanded there and is now Artisan Fashion, an independent social enterprise, employing 1600 people, mostly women.

The Kenyan hub brings together an array of artisan skills, from traditional Maasai beading to horn and bone carving, employing community groups and women’s cooperatives throughout the country.

Artisan Fashion specialises in the production of jewellery, bags and accessories, and have recently expanded their operations to apparel. See the collections below.

Kenya, the very first project of the EFI, was supported by numerous donors such as the governments of Germany, Norway and Japan.

Meet the Artisans

Assumta Kanini

EPZ Production Hub

Jeniffar Kaari

Sanata Women’s Group


Mary Mchawia

Hadithi Basket Weavers

Beth Nyambura

Bega Kwa Bega Beading Group

Peter Sajero

EPZ Production Hub

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