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In Mali, a major cotton producer on the continent, the Ethical Fashion Initiative works in partnership with workshops producing ‘Dalifini’ (ngaga and saran). Workshops here are specialised in natural dyeing, in particular indigo dye and the traditional ‘Bogolan’ (mud dyeing) technique.

In Segou, the Initiative is building a state of the art production hub for natural dyes. This centre, conceived with environmentally friendly processes, will enable us to scale up the production artisanally dyed fabrics.


The project in Mali expanded to work with Touareg jewellers in 2018. This nomadic community works out of simple but sophisticated mobile workshops, from which they produce silver, bronze and copper jewellery.

The programme in Mali started in 2014 with funding from the SECO. This was followed by funding from the EU’s ACP fund. Since 2017 the EFI’s project in Mali by the EU’s Emergency Trust Fund. 

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