How does the Ethical Fashion Hackathon work?

Various online channels are being utilised to bring the world together so that individuals can share their ideas, form teams and create a solution to multiple elements of life that are facing challenges. Your team will be in your own timezone and be completely virtual by using tools such as Zoom and Slack.

Do I need to have an idea or a team?

No, you do not need to have an existing idea, but you definitely need your motivation to solve the crisis. We will find you a suitable team when you apply.

What is the application process?

Once the application is complete, the Hackathon panel will be able to assess your strengths and skillset. Once your application is approved; you will be added to a team of complementary people and add you to the already successful ‘Slack’ platform for you to start discussions.

How do you form teams?

We must create well-balanced teams based on skills and challenge interest to ensure that best results.

What are the goals and deliverables?

The goal is to provide a sustainable solution to the fashion challenges we have indicated. Solutions can be new products, services, business models, policy or campaigns. A proof of concept is always useful but not essential.

What next?

We are working to build an investor coalition and an industry and policy coalition to fund the ideas and to help the teams take the solutions to market.

If you would like to get involved, please contact us by email at efashion@intracen.org

Who owns the rights to the ideas generated?

Firstly, ideas are for free, it is the execution that matters.

This is an open innovation event, and the ideas can be implemented by anyone. We will also share these online. The goal of the event is to ensure we have maximum impact on the people and the planet, no matter who executes the ideas. Teams are encouraged to work together and take the idea forward.

How else can I help?

We need volunteers, sponsors and partners (retailers, brands, legal, not-for-profit, investors, tech companies etc.) to help us with the ‘What Next?’ phase and bring the solutions to the economy. If you’d like to be part of this monumental movement, contact efashion@intracen.org

Will you broadcast live?

We may do live broadcasts depending on the level of interest.

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