IL FOGLIO – Nessuno diventa sostenibile da solo

L’anno successivo, invece, abbiamo dato avvio a un progetto con Mygrants, “Fashion Deserves the World”, che, in un’ottica di accoglienza di migranti e rifugiati politici, ha lo scopo ultimo di agevolare l’inserimento nelle realtà industriali e creative italiane di nuovi talenti internazionali, mentre insieme a EFI (the Ethical Fashion Initiative – ITC) abbiamo lanciato il primo ESG Due Diligence and Reporting Framework per l’industria della moda, ospitando il Milan Climate & Fashion Talks, nel quale si è discusso il rapporto tra moda e crisi climatica in vista del COP26.

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The ultimate goal is to create fair and safe working conditions and to encourage independent entrepreneurship, while giving visibility and credit to millenary techniques. When a garment is made by workers with a dignified trade and with a purpose, all that knowledge is reflected in the piece.

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Africa.com – Ethical Fashion Initiative Fetes Young African Designers

For its first event at Paris Fashion Week, the Ethical Fashion Initiative, a partnership created under the auspices of the UN, held a party to honor young African designers. With the fashion world seeking to address issues of inequality and sustainability, the decision to shine a spotlight on these young talents was very much in keeping with the organization’s objectives and the industry’s desire for a new direction. Among the labels on show from across Africa were Hamaji, Katush, Kente Gentlemen, Laurenceairline and Lukhanyo Mdingi, representing ready-to-wear, and Jiamini, Margaux Wong, Ohiri and Suave with accessories.

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Vogue IT – I 9 brand di moda africana da conoscere

Horizon: Ethical Fashion Initiative for African Brands ha svelato a Parigi, durante la settimana della moda, una selezione di brand di moda africana – prêt-à-porter, borse e gioielli – capaci di valorizzare l’artigianato, le culture e le potenzialità del continente africano.

Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) con a capo Simone Cipriani è da sempre impegnata a connettere le comunità di artigiani emarginati in località difficili e remote con marchi di lifestyle globali per offrire alle popolazioni un’opportunità per migliorare le loro vite e allo stesso tempo per accendere i riflettori della moda mondiale su skill artigiane, tradizioni, materiali e processi creativi che rischierebbero di andare perduti.

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Vogue – Ces 5 jeunes créateurs font briller la mode africaine

5 jeunes créateurs de la mode africaine à suivre de près cette année
Fondée par Simone Cipriani sous le patronage du Centre du commerce international, l’initiative EFI aide les jeunes marques africaines à se développer à une échelle internationale. Cette année, 9 créateurs issus du programme Designer Accelerator ont pu mettre en avant leur travail lors d’une présentation inédite, orchestrée pendant la semaine de la mode parisienne. Parmi eux, 5 étaient spécialisés dans le prêt-à-porter : Laurenceairline, Kente Gentlemen, Hamaji, Katush et Lukhanyo Mdingi.

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WWD – Ethical Fashion Initiative Fetes Young African Designers

The Ethical Fashion Initiative brought together its best and brightest at a soiree showcase for its first official event on the Paris Fashion Week calendar.

“This is the best group of designers we have accelerated,” said program chief technical adviser Simone Cipriani. “We wanted them to be here in fashion week because these people are not only designers, in their own countries they’re agents of change. We find that this new generation of creative talents have something to say in the world of today.”

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Fucking Young – Ethical Fashion Initiative for African Brands FW22 Presentation

The Horizon: Ethical Fashion Initiative for African Brands Fall/Winter 2022 presentation was held at The Norm in Paris, where nine designers, all based and producing in African countries, presented collections ranging from ready-to-wear, to bags and jewelry. This was the initiative’s first show in Paris, on the official fashion week calendar.


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EFI creates and strengthens social enterprises in emerging economies to connect international fashion houses and brands with talented local designers, artisans, and micro-producers. They promote value in a virtuous circle that creates not just premium products, but also stable, dignified work, and creative and resilient women, men, and communities.

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Vogue IT – Le borse di studio 2022 e gli open day delle scuole: come lavorare nella moda

Polimoda ha assegnato, grazie a una speciale partnership con Ethical Fashion Initiative, tre borse di studio ad altrettanti fashion designer del Kenya, con l’obiettivo di creare una connessione tra le industrie della moda di Firenze e Nairobi. I tre designer kenioti del EFI Accelerator Programme si chiamano Katungulu Mwendwa (Katush), Louise Sommerlatte (Hamaji) e Mohamed Awale (Suave) e hanno ricevuto una borsa di studio per otto settimane di formazione specialistica presso il campus Polimoda.

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Vogue – Lukhanyo Mdingi

Key to developing all of this has been Mdingi’s two-year involvement with the Ethical Fashion Initiative, the fashion arm of the UN spearheaded by Simone Cipriani. “It connects with different pockets of textile communities within Africa, Central Asia, as well as Haiti. The idea is to work with marginalized groups that focus on working with contemporary African designers such as our label, other African labels, and also labels abroad, such as Westwood,” Mdingi explains.

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WWD – Lukhanyo Mdingi Men’s Fall 2022

Mdingi, one of the three joint winners of the Karl Lagerfeld Special Jury Prize at the LVMH ceremony in September, was inspired by a recent visit to Burkina Faso, where he produces part of his men’s and women’s collections as part of a partnership with the Ethical Fashion Initiative.

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Corriere Fiorentino – Dal Kenya a Firenze per studiare al Polimoda: la storia di tre giovani designer

Arrivano a Firenze dal Kenya per studiare al Polimoda. È una storia di collaborazione quella tra la scuola di moda fiorentina e l’Accelerator del Ethical Fashion Initiative che ha portato alla assegnazione di tre borse di studio ad altrettanti designer di moda che ora possono approfondire copetenze di settore studiando per otto settimane nell’Istituto diretto da Massimiliano Giornetti. Katungulu Mwendwa (Katush) e Mohamed Awale (Suave) e Louise Sommerlatte (Hamaji) sono i designer scelti da EFI Designer Accelerator, programma di 2 anni progettato per accompagnare i marchi selezionati verso il successo nel mercato globale.

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The Mag UZ – Этичная мода с Симоне Чиприани

В начале ноября 2021 года состоялся официальный визит Симоне Чиприани, главы Руководящего комитета Альянса ООН по устойчивой моде, а также создателя и руководителя программы «Инициатива этичной моды» (EFI) Международного торгового центра, который является совместным агентством ООН и ВТО, в рамках реализации программы по этичной моде в нашем регионе. О важности внедрения философии устойчивого развития и перспективах внедрения Инициативы этичной моды в Узбекистане с нами поделились Симоне Чиприани и Ёкут Шмид — региональный координатор проекта по Средней Азии.

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Vogue India – Meet Jeanne De Kroon, designer behind Zazi Vintage on building a consciously cool brand

How did the collaboration with the UN Ethical Fashion Initiative come about?
I was at the UN Ness Summit on the handworker economy wearing one of the Suzani coats, which was spotted by Simone Cipriani, the visionary head of Ethical Fashion Initiative, who has connected international brands like Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney with artisans. He put me in touch with female led brands and collectives, including across Central Asia. One of our partners is Ozara, a social enterprise set up in 2014 by the National Association of Business Women in Tajikistan, to offer women income generating activities and sell Tajik handmade embroidered objects – the most popular being Suzanis.

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UN Today – Simone Cipriani, Head of the Ethical Fashion Initiative at ITC and Secretary of the UN Alliance on Sustainable Fashion

The Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) was born in 2019 in Korogocho, Nairobi, as a supply chain that enables artisans and micro-entrepreneurs from very marginalized backgrounds to work in a fair and dignified way with international brands from the fashion and lifestyle sector. Today, we are suppliers of many big brands including Loewe, Vivienne Westwood, United Arrows and Mimco to name but a few, and our operations expand from Haiti to Africa and Central Asia, including Afghanistan.

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Dakar Echo – L’Ethical Fashion Initiative consacre un évènement à la création africaine

L’EFI met l’Afrique à l’honneur. L’organisme, destiné à mettre en relation des artisans issus de communautés défavorisées avec des grandes marques des secteurs de la mode, de la décoration et de l’alimentation, lance les Ethical Fashion Days, dont l’objectif est de valoriser la création de mode africaine en France.

Le week-end de lancement des Ethical Fashion Days aura lieu les 30 et 31 octobre prochains – EFI

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Yahoo – Ethical Fashion Initiative to Launch Paris Fashion Week Events

PARIS — The Ethical Fashion Initiative is coming to Paris next season, with events during Paris Fashion Week that it hopes will provide international visibility to African designers and attract investors.

The program, founded and managed by Simone Cipriani, is a flagship initiative of the International Trade Centre, a Geneva-based joint agency of the United Nations and World Trade Organization. What started out as a platform for connecting global lifestyle brands with artisans worldwide has expanded into an accelerator for African brands.

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WWD – F4D Pitches Living Sustainably as the New Fashion at Inaugural Banquet

Held in advance of Sunday’s United Nations Day, the dinner was held in cooperation with the United Nations Mission of Italy and Permanent Representative Ambassador Maurizio Massari. The Ethical Fashion Initiative was among the supporting partners its founder Simone Cipriani, who also serves as chairperson of the U.N. Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, spoke of the urgency for change.

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Both Timothée and Zendaya went maximalist with these looks, in various, eclectic patterns, textures, colors and fabrics, this duo was a sight for sore eyes. Zendaya took this look directly off the Vivienne Westwood Spring 2020 runway, with a chained corset and a checkered midi skirt. According to Vivienne Westwood, the the corset was made from “oxidized brass” and the Bogolan fabric skirt was “printed with natural dye created in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative.” Again, styled by Law Roach.

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