Handwoven Textiles – Exposition « Bonne Arrivée » au Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris

À cette occasion Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI), partenaire de l’association Les Oiseaux Migrateurs a pu participer à travers des créations de mode de ses partenaires en lien avec CABES et de son programme d’aide au développement de marques de mode (Designer Accelerator). C’est ainsi que Vivienne Westwood, Camper, Wales Bonner, United Arrows, Loewe ainsi que d’autres marques travaillant avec CABES ont pu exposer leurs œuvres.

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FIGARO JAPAN – アフリカのメティエダールと現在のデザイン展。

無料かつおもしろいのに、8月31日から9月5日と1週間もない短期間の展示だったのが残念! そう思わせたのはパリの装飾美術館で開催された『Bonne Arrivée (ボンナリヴェ)』である。スーパーマーケットの「Monoprix(モノプリ)」と「La Maison Château Rouge(ラ・メゾン・シャトー・ルージュ)」のコラボレーションを紹介した際に少し触れたけれど、これはアフリカのメティエダールとコンテンポラリーデザインを集めた展覧会だ。パンデミックの影響を受けたものもあるが、2020年はフランスにおけるアフリカ年なので去年から今年にかけてアフリカを巡る多くのイベントがフランス国内で催されている。これもそのひとつ。ラ・メゾン・シャトー・ルージュの創始者のユースフ&ママドゥ・フォファナ兄弟が2014年に始めた協会「Les Oiseraux Migrateurs(レゾワゾー・ミグラトゥール)」が企画したファッションとデザインをめぐるプロジェクトである。

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NY Times – ‘Made in Afghanistan’ Once Symbolized Hope. Now It’s Fear.

In 2016, for example, Simone Cipriani, the founder of the Ethical Fashion Initiative, a program of the International Trade Commission, a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, began a program in Afghanistan focused on cultivating local production of saffron and silk and run according to the principles of the International Labor Organization. Sixty percent of the 3,500person work force is female.

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BellaNaija – #BNSDigitalSummit: #MadeinAfrica: Exploring Africa’s Potential As A Global Fashion Manufacturing Hub

Simone Cipriani has made it his mission to build a more responsible and sustainable fashion industry, by transforming it into a vehicle of poverty reduction and of empowerment of women, throughout the developing world. The Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) is a large supply chain that enables artisans who live in marginalised conditions, in Africa (Burkina Faso, Mali, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and DRC), the Caribbean (Haiti) and Asia (Afghanistan and also in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan), to become regular suppliers of international fashion and lifestyle brands, thus reducing poverty and empowering large numbers of women artisans.

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Following their sought-after debut collection, GOODEE is back with their second instalment of sustainable pillows. Made in collaboration with the UN’s Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI), each pillow is filled with GOTS-certified organic muslin and cotton batting from Cece’s Wool—a non-profit providing jobs and services to individuals with developmental disabilities

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Similarly inspiring work is being done by the Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI), a program of the International Trade Centre, which has just announced the six recipients of its latest EFI Designer Accelerator—Atelier V.O, Kente Gentlemen, Laurenceairline, Maöta Studio, Ohiri and Oudy K. The two-year scheme comprises masterclasses and mentorship to get these businesses investment-ready. EFI founder Simone Cipriani says: “The ultimate objective of the Accelerator is to guide and empower all fashion players to own the skills and knowledge in becoming leading actors across their communities and countries, engaged in the creative and production value chains, exercising and operating the 100% Made in Africa paradigm. A new generation of African creatives in charge.”

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Eco Warrior – West African Creatives Receive Spotlight as Ethical Fashion Initiative Announces New Designer Accelerator Participants

After careful consideration, six talented West African creatives have been chosen to participate in the new Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) Designer Accelerator (a flagship of the International Trade Centre – a joint agency of the United Nations and World Trade Organisation). Highlighting the programme’s commitment to African youth, sustainability and diversity, participants selected to enter the two-year programme which will begin in July 2021 are: Atelier V.O, Kente Gentlemen, Laurenceairline, Maöta Studio, Ohiri and Oudy K.

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IISD – Coverage of Sustainable Fashion Hard Talk

This event aimed to engender discussion among actors associated with the fashion industry on turning fashion into a driver of sustainable development and pandemic recovery and provide guidance for member States to achieve this. The event was organized by the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion.

Paola Deda, UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), moderated, posing questions to panelists on such topics as: reducing consumption in rich countries while providing more access in the global South; pursuing long-term quality and sustainability versus producing cheap “fast fashion”; and the impacts of these changes on the environment, workers, and society along the fashion value chain.

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The selected participants will receive mentorship from a team of experts with extensive experience working in Africa, fashion and business development. They will also enter the rigorous curriculum of a two-year programme by working with EFI within the production capacity frame already established by each brand to begin developing one collection per year.

They will engage in programme support, workshops and 1-1 mentoring sessions delivered by the Accelerator dedicated team and industry experts in topics including Production Support, Acceleration of the Business Process, Building Brand Value and lots more.

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Diary Directory – Creatives selected for new UN Ethical Fashion Initiative African Designer Accelerator

The creatives will receive mentorship from a team of experts with extensive experience working in Africa, fashion and business development including EFI head & founder, Simone Cipriani, co-founder of United Arrows, Hirofumi Kurino and actress and humanitarian Dakore Egbuson-Akande. Topics covered through a series of masterclasses include Compliance, SDGs, Labour Rights & Supply Chain, Collection Plan Development, Market Positioning, Digital Marketing & Sales and Legal Frameworks.

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Glitz – West African creatives receive spotlight as Efi announces new Designer Accelerator participants

After careful consideration, six exceptionally talented West African creatives have been chosen to participate in the new Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) Designer Accelerator (a flagship of the International Trade Centre – a joint agency of the United Nations’ and World Trade Organisation). Highlighting the programme’s commitment to African youth, sustainability and diversity, participants selected to enter the two-year programme which will begin in July 2021 are: Atelier V.O, Kente Gentlemen, Laurenceairline, Maöta Studio, Ohiri and Oudy K.

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El Pais – “El textil patrimonial es la forma de tejer de los ancestros”: una tribu de artesanos vuelve a las raíces

En otro de los expositores se pueden admirar las coloridas telas que muestra Oceane y que provienen de Burkina Faso. Ethical Fashion Initiative trabaja con algodón orgánico del país africano, donde se fabrican las telas de las prendas y los muñecos expuestos. Telas que, según cuenta Oceane, llegan después a prendas y complementos de firmas como Loewe o Camper. La típica tela de llengues mallorquina, utilizada para muebles, bolsos o zapatos, fue este año eje de atracción de este evento efímero a la isla.

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ARAB NEWS – Rags to riches: Italian project launched to help refugees, migrants start fashion career

Camera della Moda has been given the patronage of the Ethical Fashion Initiative, a UN project on ethical fashion.

“Fashion Deserves the World” was introduced at the end of Milan Men’s Fashion Week as a part of the initiatives organized in Italy for World Refugee Day, in cooperation with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Mygrants, a startup that provides micro-learning programs in three languages to help migrants consolidate their knowledge and find a job.

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Fashion Network – Camera Moda lancia un programma di formazione per rifugiati con l’Onu

L’iniziativa ha ottenuto il patrocinio dell’Ethical Fashion Initiative, l’iniziativa delle Nazioni Unite sulla moda etica, e si inserisce nel programma intrapreso da Cnmi nel 2018 per promuovere l’inclusività e la valorizzazione della diversità nella moda. “Insieme”, si augura Christian Richmond Nzi, Founder & Ceo di Mygrants, “continueremo a fare cose folli, rendendole normali”.

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In 2014 the brand partnered with Ethical Fashion Initiative, a body that connects artisans living in marginalised communities around the world with global lifestyle brands. Collaborations between MIMCO and EFI have provided work for 1,400 artisans worldwide, 86% of whom are women, focusing particularly on partners in Kenya and Haiti.

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El Pais – «Una prenda que nace de la explotación está manchada»: así trabaja Ethical Fashion Initiative, la plataforma que une a artesanos y marcas

En 2006, durante uno de sus viajes por África, Simone Cipriani, un ejecutivo del sector del lujo, recaló en Kogorocho, una zona empobrecida de Nairobi. Allí conoció a Gino Filippini, un misionero que vivía y trabajaba con un grupo de artesanos del calzado. «Vi un oportunidad. Pensé que, con sus habilidades, podrían acceder a mejores condiciones de vida si lograba introducirlos en una cadena de suministro más internacional, que les diera mejores márgenes de beneficio. Contacyté con una organización de las Naciones Unidas que me apoyó para conseguir mi objetivo», cuenta Cipriani.

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The Spin Off – Label to Watch: +Three°°°

+Three°°° also collaborates with EFI (Ethical Fashion Initiative), the UN’s ethical fashion program. EFI creates and manages ethical value chains for craftswomen who live in developing countries or that are facing conflicts. EFI also manages several emerging fashion brands from Africa, it abides by the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion and follows a code meant to be respectful of human rights–as defined by ILO (International Labor Organization)–while aiming to lower their social and environmental impact.

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BellaNaija – The Ethical Fashion Podcast’s Latest Episode features Lagos-based Designer & Orange Culture Founder, Adebayo Oke-lawal as they discuss Redefining Masculinity through his Luxury Label

Lagos Style – Orange Culture’, the Ethical Fashion Podcast’s latest episode, is the show’s ninth in its twelve-episode series dedicated to African art and creativity. Aired on May 20th, the episode features Orange Culture’s founder Adebayo Oke-Lawal for a discussion on fusing fashion with activism and what that looks like in modern-day Africa.

A pioneer in tackling societal issues through clothing in the region, Oke-Lawal launched Orange Culture in 2011 as a form of creative activism. On its inception, Oke-Lawal insists, “Deciding to create a brand was an intentional decision. I didn’t just want to create another brand that just made clothing. I wanted to create a brand that had some level of emotionality behind it… I love the idea of creating a brand that starts conversations. I really wanted a brand that spoke for things I believe in.”

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NY Mag – 34 Living-Room Décor Accents From Black-Owned Businesses

And from Goodee itself, here’s a striking throw pillow made in Africa in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative, the United Nations’ fair-trade division. According to the brand, Goodee worked with weavers in Burkina Faso to create the limited-edition cushion, which is made from Burkinabe and Malian textiles and sewn in Kenya.

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UNDP – What do our clothes say about us?

The possibility of a bland fashion future starts to come to mind, where we are all dressed the same, losing our cultural expression. And worse, where this homogeny came at the cost of cultural heritage and the development of local economies. But there is indeed market potential for culturally-inspired pieces. As noted by Simone Cipriani of the Ethical Fashion Initiative, “Mass production always presents a risk of identity loss. However, I remain convinced that productions linked to cultural identities happening where these identities are developed, benefit local society with work and income.”

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Pretty Progressive – 20 Best Podcasts About Sustainable Fashion of 2021

How can fashion be a force for good? Goodbye fast fashion! Hello to a better way focused on social and environmental justice, inclusivity and sustainable development. The UN’s Ethical Fashion Initiative acts as a bridge, connecting marginalised artisan communities, often in challenging and remote locations, with some of the biggest names in international fashion. Explore the issues driving the ethical fashion conversation with your hosts UN officer Simone Cipriani and sustainable fashion journalist Clare Press.

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The Ethical Fashion Initiative Designer Academy has begun accepting applications from young fashion brands who want to learn about the business of sustainable and ethical fashion as well as take their business to the next level.

The two-year program is open to fashion brands in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Eritrea, Kenya, Mali and Uganda who have been in operation for at least 2 years ranging from RTW, Accessories, Jewellery and/or Footwear with sustainable practices.

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New York Times – The Designers Who Are Making Knitwear Cool

Mr. Mdingi gained experience in fashion media, retail, styling and art direction before realizing his heart was set on fashion design and, in 2015, starting his own label. Working with local patternmakers and the knitting communities in the Eastern Cape, Mr. Mdingi designs knitwear that bridges the gap between artisanal and modern design.

“Our growth has been like zero to two, not zero to 100, but I am happy with that,” he said. “Our roots are in human hands and what we have at our disposal in this country.”

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BellaNaija – The Ethical Fashion Podcast’s discusses Creative Businesses & ‘Made-in-Africa’ + features Studio 189’s Abrima Erwiah & Creative Director, Alexander-Julian Gibbson

“I discovered EFI through a friend who was doing some work with them. They had a call for designers back in 2013-2014 that I responded to and got accepted… What they were trying to do was connect the dots and help build a local fashion industry but also build a product, and at the same time build the market. It was really consistent with what I was trying to do: work with marginalized communities.” says Erwiah.

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BellaNaija Style In Conversation With Simone Cipriani, Head of Ethical Fashion Initiative

Simone is also an officer of the United Nations who is a passionate advocate for fair trade, equal employment, and the promotion of creative micro-enterprises as a vehicle out of poverty.

Led by Simone, EFI has been instrumental in boosting a new generation of rising fashion talent in Africa, showcasing the initiative at several international trade fairs including the EFI Accelerator Programme, the ‘Africa to Rome’ showcase that promoted the works of African designers including Christie Brown and Kiki Clothing,

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The Standard – Ethical Fashion Initiative: Stylist Alexander-Julian Gibbson on diversity, creativity and Lagos style

Alexander-Julian Gibbson is a Houston-based stylist and content creator known for his directional shoots for magazines (think GQ, Vogue and Flaunt) and musicians like Patoranking.

This week, Simone and Clare meet the Nigerian-American creative force to discuss Lagos style, why the world is looking to African fashion right now, and career pathways for emerging Black creatives.

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