An ethical collaboration: +Three°°° x EFI

Aiming to promote ethical work in Africa, +Three°°° has teamed with the Ethical Fashion Initiative on a special project that supports local African artisans and their communities.

An accessories brand with ethics and sustainability at its core, its name +Three°°° represents the increase in average temperatures predicted by the United Nations by the end of the century, unless humanity can halt the climate crisis. Respecting the use of natural resources and the people involved in the production process, +Three°° creates quality products that are both refined and durable in design that promote positive change in the fashion sphere. From the research of raw materials to the final phase of production, +Three°°° is committed to preserving traditions and supporting the local development of the lands and communities it works with.

The Afra collection is made with traditional Burkinabé fabrics and finished with natural materials.

To achieve sustainable progress and advancement within its products and production, +Three°°°counts on the partnership with the Ethical Fashion Initiative which sees multiple levels of collaboration – one of the most recent being the development of the Afra Collection, a range of eight bags created alongside EFI. Made with a traditional Burkinabé fabric and finished with natural materials (raw items from renewable natural sources), the colours and patterns featured in this collection mimic the natural colours and motifs of nature. Afra celebrates women and the central role of talented artisans engaged in textile labour processes locally. 

For EFI and +Three°°°, the foundation of the collaboration was based on respect for the environment, the protection of artisanal skills and the female footprint, as well as the virtuous relationship with the future. At the centre of the project is Burkina Faso and social enterprise partners CABES, where the local cotton used to create the bags and the talented craftsmanship are both sourced.

Longtime partners of EFI, CABES is a network of over 2,000 artisans, mostly women. Specialists in what they do – primarily in the creation of the Burkinabé fabric Faso Dan Fani – the team at CABES works exclusively with local organic cotton that’s carefully handspun, handwoven and naturally dyed. Partnering with CABES provides employment opportunities to remote artisan groups, helping to uplift families and communities.

EFI’s collaboration with +Three°°°, and its partnership with CABES, strengthens the textile sector in Burkina Faso and Africa, contributing to a significant increase in job creation and sustainable development opportunities for local communities.

To learn more, visit: https://www.plus3.eco/afra-1/