From Tokyo to Lagos – showcasing African designers

Thebe Magugu, Kenneth Ize and Anyango Mpinga all showcased their designs at Rakuten Tokyo Fashion week together with Japanese designers Coyote, Wataru Tominaga and Sulvam. The show then came to Lagos for a presentation at ALARA, a luxury concept store in the city. 

Fashion, Art, and Culture can transcend politics, social conflicts and inequalities. FACE.A-J is a cultural exchange between Africa and Japan that bridges the gap between both creative markets, and fosters economic and cultural development.

FACE.A-J is an initiative managed by Awa’Tori and supported by United Arrows Ltd. and ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative (funded by the EU).

Thebe Magugu FACE.A-J TOKYO Photo Ⓒ Awa'Tori
Coyote FACE.A-J TOKYO Photo Ⓒ Awa'Tori
Kenneth Ize FACE.A-J TOKYO Photo Ⓒ Awa'Tori
Anyango Mpinga FACE.A-J TOKYO Photo Ⓒ Awa'Tori
Wataru Tominaga FACE.A-J TOKYO Photo Ⓒ Awa'Tori
Thebe Magugu FACE.A-J TOKYO  Photo Ⓒ Awa'Tori
FACE.A-J TOKYO  Photo Ⓒ Awa'Tori
Thebe Magugu FACE.A-J LAGOS Photo Ⓒ Awa'Tori
Anyango Mpinga FACE.A-J LAGOS Photo Ⓒ Awa'Tori