HORIZON SS23 showroom for African brands opens in Paris

This Spring Summer 2023 season, Ethical Fashion Initiative is in Paris presenting the HORIZON showroom, a selection of young design talent from across the African continent.

HORIZON is a space, place and tempo to discover the new vanguard of African designers practicing sustainable design and weaving new narratives.

The featured brands are participants of the Ethical Fashion Initiative Designer Accelerator, which aims to accelerate brands internationally, providing support in production, creative direction, sales, marketing, distribution and more. EFI has been helping to bring African fashion design to the world stage since 2013, mentoring brands and developing artisanal supply chains on the continent.

The showroom is supported by ACP and the European Union.


OHIRI, Jewellery, Côte d’Ivoire

OUTLINES (2) Collection

For Ohiri’s SS23 Collection, OUTLINES (2), OHIRI creative director Akebehi Kpolo looked deeper to Côte d’Ivoire’s folklore to complete her offering to a legendary King Crocodile and imagined a new series of gifts ranging from jewellery to objects. Striking pieces like the Crocodiled Double ring capture the regal magic that comes alive in their stories, while subtle pieces like the textured nail ring quietly hint at the tales’ dark edge. The collection is completed by a new version of the bronze-accented woven bag, OHIRI’s first foray into accessories. A series of plaster and resin masks modelled after Akebehi’s body complete this offering: the materialization of a true self-gift.

Hamaji, Ready-to-wear, Kenya

Kuota collection

Kuota is a collection about co-creation. A dream to tell a story of delightful characters who collectively weave a chapter of this collection together. The first chapter of this story is about the textiles. A unique to Hamaji hand loom lace design with interwoven squares, a motif that is the body of this collection, is a weave developed by artisans in Nairobi with locally grown cotton. From raw silks to silky Tencel blends and up- cycled vintage quilts this collection embraces Hamaji’s spirit. Kuota will take you on a journey through 70’s inspired silhouettes with a sense of equatorial ease embellished with wood block printed checks in earthy hues and vibrant ambers. Beaded tops made in northern Kenya by indigenous Samburu women. Bone button detailing, emphasized cord ties and exaggerated side slits are a few of the intricate details of this beautiful collection.

Katush, Ready-to-wear, Kenya

Gwaride collection

The Gwaride collection celebrates Katush’s East African legacy by combining inspiration from African scarification rituals, Maasai beading and modern Kenyan art to create a transformative collection that is gender-inclusive, innovative and indulges in playful exploration. As with all our collections, sustainability is central, and we strive to shine a light on African artisans who are evolving traditional production in new and exciting ways.


By appointment

28th September – 2nd October


9bis rue Auguste Barbier, 75011 Paris

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