In photos: The Kârvân Journey at Paris Design Week

From September 8-12 2022, Ethical Fashion Initiative presented The Kârvan Journey in Paris, a showroom for artisans and designers from 5 Central Asian countries; Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Scroll to see the highlights of this Paris Design Week event.  

With the support of the European Union and UNESCO. 

French designer Sam Baron collaborated with Central Asian artisans to produce a unique collection of ceramics and tapestries, photo by Léo Gack
Handwoven Ikat by IkatUz Uzbekistan, photo by Leo Gack
The Kârvân Journey also featured a thought-provoking panel discussion that included the following speakers: Yokut Schmid, Representative of the Association of the Silk Industry of Uzbekistan, Aigerim Akenova, founder of Kazakh homeware brand @aikenlive, a pioneer in sustainable fashion practices in the country, and Alessandra Carta, Creative Director and Fashion Designer. ​​​​​​​​Photo by Léo Gack.
Guests joined a panel discussion on the modern Silk Road at the showroom in Paris. Photo by Léo Gack
Aiken, Kazakhstan.Photo by Léo Gack.
Oro Design, Tajikistan Photo by Léo Gack
Camel Wool, Turkmenistan. Photo by Léo Gack
Seven planets by Tigran Erdman, Uzbekistan. Photo by Léo Gack
UYA Nomad, Kyrgyzstan. Photo by Léo Gack

The Kârvan Journey is supported by the European Union and UNESCO.