Kenya Accelerator: open call for brands

Are you a fashion brand based in Kenya? Is responsible sourcing and sustainability part of your brand values? Do you favour environmentally-friendly materials in your production? Then this could be your opportunity to grow.

As part of its Accelerator for African Fashion Brands, the Ethical Fashion Initiative is launching a special programme in Kenya. Through this project EFI aims to support Kenyan fashion brands, particularly those who demonstrate credibility in terms of responsible sourcing and have commercial viability.

Specifically, the Initiative is looking to support brands who use materials such as natural fibres, up-cycled or recycled fabrics that require significantly less to no chemical treatment, and who are energy efficient.

Jiamini - A Kenyan label taking part in the EFI Accelerator 2020.

Application Checklist

If you would like to apply, please send your application consisting of the following documents (see 1-10) to efashion@intracen.org

Deadline: 15th July

A project by ITC-EFI, ACP and EU

  1. A two-page introduction to your brand providing the following specifics:
  • Brand story and development trajectory from year one to where you are today. A minimum of two years of operation is required;
  • Team capacity: provide a detailed list of hired team in house and outsourced staff;
  • Detailed list of all resourcing and production facilities used for collection development and production;
  • List of wholesale stockist, retail and e-commerce channels, numbers and volume turnover in detail;
  • List of your company’s website and all social media channels.
  • Media articles and mention write up, provide links.
  1. 1-page explanation, including JPEG images attached if useful, on how you work with environmentally materials and/or processes;
  2. 6-8 JPEG images that best represent your brand’s visual identity;
  3. Your company registration certificate (if you are a limited company) and a proof of operating for at least 2 years prior to application date (e.g. invoice, rental agreement, bank statement). For sole proprietors / individual entrepreneurs, 2 documents proving you have been operating for at least 2 years;
  4. Proof of Annual turn-over of above USD$5,000;
  5. Located in Nairobi or Kisumu counties;
  6. Proof of Current Business Address, dated up to 30 days prior to application date;
  7. Proof of Trademark Registration for your Brand’s name;
  8. CV
  9. Copy of Current and Valid ID