Mask production in Burkina Faso

CABES, our social enterprise in Burkina Faso have been busy training local tailors throughout the country in producing masks in response to COVID-19. With the support of the European Union. 

CABES have almost 200 tailors at work and so are now ready to supply masks beyond Burkina Faso. The masks have been made according to the French ANFOR guide and are multi use. Included with the masks are instructions on how to wash them. 


€2-€3 euro per mask, depending on the quantity (delivery included). We have a minimum order quantity of 100 masks.

Option to distribute masks locally

If you prefer, CABES’s partner NGO’s are available to distribute masks to local communities on your behalf. CABES is working with 5 different NGO’s (L’Organisation pour de Nouvelles Initiatives en Santé , Association vie de jeunes, Seed of Hope for Africa, Association Sudu Andaal and African Youth Initiative for Development) to distribute masks to people throughout Burkina Faso who are in need of them.

Judith Sawadogo, CABES Marketing Assistant wearing the ANFOR multi wear mask.