Project X Kenya T+C’s

Terms and Conditions


The Opportunities are Here Project X is the biggest Youth Empowerment Project powered by Ethical Fashion Initiative EFI/ITC (hereinafter referred to as “the organizer”) in partnership with the European Union (EU).


This project gives contestants the opportunity to showcase their talents through different channels and kickstart their creative business.


By taking part in this competition, you will be deemed to have read these ‘’Terms and Conditions’’ and accepted to be bound by them.



The Opportunities are Here Project-X is open to talents in the following categories:

* Models

* Fashion Designers

* Performing Artistes including singers, dancers, spoken word artistes, beatboxers and any other stage performers.



In order to take part in this competition, the participant must be;

a) Living in Kenya

b) Between the age of 18 and 35 years.

c) In possession of a valid form of identification.


2.1 All eligible participants must give their voluntary consent to participate in this competition by agreeing to these terms and conditions


2.2 Once chosen by the organizer to take part in this competition, the respective participant shall remain a part of the competition until eliminated, voted out or asked to leave by the organizer. However, participants will be free to leave the competition upon giving sufficient notice and reason to the organizers.


2.3 The organizer reserves the right to refuse admission or to eject a participant for behavior likely to cause damage or injury to themselves or to others, or behavior that is a nuisance to the general atmosphere of the competition.



The competition shall be held in the following phases:


3.1 PHASE 1: CALL FOR ENTRY – August 9th – Closes 22nd October (by 12pm Kenya time)

Complete the question form below these Terms and conditions with accurate information and submit it.

a) Shoot your talent video and post it on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags below explained.

b) For each post, 2 different hashtags must be used:

  • For all participants: #TheOpportunitiesAreHereKE
  • Category hashtag (only 1 category per participant):
  •           #OahXArtisteKE
  •           #OahXModelKE
  •           #OahXDesignerKE

3.1.1 Participants must complete the above mentioned steps in order to be admitted.


3.1.2 Submissions closing date is 22nd October by 12pm (Kenya time), submissions made after this time will NOT be accepted.


3.1.3 Submitted video entries will be scored based on the talent and the creativity of the videos submitted.


3.1.4 The screening committee will select the contestants moving to the next phase, they will be contacted via their respective WhatsApp and email platforms with the details to participate.


3.2 PHASE 2: ONLINE SELECTION – from 13th October to 27th October (TUESDAYS at 3-5pm)

3.2.1 Online selections will take place on Zoom, Instagram and Facebook Live video call; participants will be contacted and briefed beforehand with a precise date and time to attend the Live audition (Tuesdays at 2.45pm). Failure to connect at 2.45pm will lead to the elimination of the contestant.


3.2.2 Selections will take place once a week over the course of 3 weeks. Participants will be judged based on talent, creativity, & delivery.


3.2.3 There will be a WILDCARD slot for 1 person each week: this is a chance for the audience to save their favorite contestant and move him/her to the next round by commenting on the IG / Facebook post with the name of the contestant they want to save. The contestant with the highest mentions will be saved for that week.


3.2.4 There will also be weekly live masterclasses on Instagram during the course of the online selection; it is MANDATORY for all participants to join all live masterclasses and participate actively.


3.2.5 Participants will be chosen each week to move on to the next phase


3.2.6 All participants must join the zoom on Friday at 4.45pm for the announcement of the semi finalists and the panel of discussion that will take place from 5pm to 6pm


3.3 PHASE 3: PRE-INCUBATION – 1st to 21st November, 2021

3.3.1 45 contestants will make it through to the pre-incubation period for further training where they will need to complete social media & learning tasks.


3.3.2 Contestants will be scored on different assignments given to them during the week.


3.4 ELIMINATIONS (3 weeks from 1st to 21st November, 2021)

3.4.1 Contestants who make it through to the incubation period will need to deliver on all tasks. Assignments will be given during each week. The criteria for judging this phase are:

  • Talent & Creativity
  • Performance & Delivery
  • Assignments (Digital Skills + Content creation)

3.4.2 Each week the contestants with the lower scores, on assignments, will be screened for ELIMINATION on Zoom (broadcasted live on Instagram & Facebook). Participants will be contacted beforehand to be part of the Elimination battle on Tuesdays at 3pm via Zoom (same link)



3.4.3 Only 9 finalists will be admitted to the next phase


3.4.4 There will be a WILDCARD slot for 1 person each week throughout the 3 ELIMINATION WEEKS. The contestant with the highest mentions will be saved.


3.4.5 Only 4 people each week will remain in the competition. One person will be saved by the wild card. Announcement will be made on Friday between 5-6pm on Vybes FM (Nairobi 104.5 | Mombasa 98.7 | Nyeri 98.8 | Meru 107. 1 | Eldoret 107.5)


3.4.6 On the last ELIMINATION (19th November, 2021) we will announce the 9 finalists who will qualify for the BOOTCAMP & GRAND FINALE


3.5 PHASE 4: PRE-BOOTCAMP November 21-27th: 9 finalists will have access to mentorship & training opportunities in their various fields with the Jurors/mentors in preparation for the bootcamp


3.6 PHASE 4: BOOTCAMP – November 28th to December 4th, 2021

3.5.1 9 contestants will be admitted into a 6-days boot camp in Nairobi where they will be preparing for the Grand Finale and rehearse with their Jurors/mentors in the delivery of their performances


3.6.2 Contestants will have the chance to Build their network in the creative industry and gain exposure.

( the terms and conditions that will apply to the bootcamp participants are attached here to at this link)

3 contestants from each category totaling the 9 finalists will perform at the Grand Finale

3.7 PHASE 5: GRAND FINALE – on Friday December 3rd, 2021

3.7.1 9 contestants will showcase their talent at The Opportunities are Here | Project X (OAH-X) Grand Finale – broadcasted live on Social Media and televised after on KTN HOME.


3.7.2 A winner from each category will be announced at the GRAND FINALE



4.1 WINNERS: The Winners of the competition who shall be 3 in total, having chosen one person from each category will receive:


4.1.1 SEED CAPITAL of 1,370$ each to start his/her own business. It is expected that these monies will be specifically invested in the growth of the winner’s brands/startups.

The said money shall be paid into the bank account of the startup (business account) and therefore the winner will be expected to provide details of the said business bank account.


4.1.2 3 months incubation with a partner incubator to expand and grow their brands


4.1.3 A trip to Paris to perform at the EFI AFRICAN IDENTITY SHOW in Paris (Abroad Experience)*

*Please note that the invitation to participate does not affect the consulate’s right to refuse visas to any participant for any reason. The organizer in case of unforeseen circumstances might cancel the trip, and will at all material times inform the participants of such circumstances.


4.2 FINALISTS: The finalists will be the overall 6 final participants in the competition with 2 from each group. These shall receive;


4.2.1 SEED CAPITAL of 280$ to start his/her own business which shall be invested in the growth of their brands/startups.

The said amount shall be paid into the bank account of the startup (business account).


4.2.2 3 months incubation with a partner incubator to expand and grow their brands


4.3 PHASE 6: INCUBATION (part of the PRIZE to all finalists and winners)

4.3.1 The 9 WINNERS/FINALISTS will benefit from a 3 months incubation prize free of charge offered by the organizers in partnership with METTA NAIROBI. This business development phase will take place from January to March 2022.


The incubator will be advising and guiding the winners/finalists on how to organize and structure their businesses and develop their brands: it will also advise the incubees on how spend their SEED CAPITAL for the growth of their brands/startups, the Incubator will approve all the expenses beforehand and proceed with the transfer.

ONLY FOR MODELS: As part of the organizers interests to empower and stimulate the creative growth, the WINNER in the MODEL CATEGORY will automatically be signed and represented by VELOUR MODEL MANAGEMENT for 3 years, and will be required to sign contractual agreements with VELOUR MODEL MANAGEMENT as his/her official Mother agency. If the Winner is signed to any agency locally, he/she will be required to terminate representation with such local agents since VELOUR MODEL MANAGEMENT will be managing him/her for 3 years as part of the PRIZE for the WINNER – MODELING CATEGORY.



5.1 Participants are required to always be punctual, respectful of other people and things and to be well-mannered and responsible, until eliminated, voted out or asked to leave.


5.2 Participants must ensure that the material submitted during the competition does not contain obscene, profane, lewd, defamatory or inappropriate content, or be disparaging to the organizer as determined at its sole discretion. Prohibited entries deemed unacceptable by the administrative team will be rejected and disregarded.


5.3 By taking part in the competition, the participants hereby grant the organizer permission to retain the entries submitted by the participants. By submitting an entry/video content, you agree to allow the organizer to use your entry images and designs (Pictures, Videos and any other recording format) for all the social media, TV, flyers, posters and promotions of any type for publicity purposes.


5.4 Participants or whomever is in the video, by entering in the competition, accepts to and gives the organizer consent to feature their images/ entries in future communication of The Opportunities are Here Project X and Campaigns, including but not limited to press features, videos, photos and social media platforms and any other recording format for social media, TV, flyers, posters and promotions of any type.


5.5 The organizer reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of any part of an entry and Participant (including a Participant’s identity, age and place of residence) and to disqualify any Participant who submits an entry that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions or tampers with the entry process. Participants agree to not diffuse any information regarding their participation to this event on any social network without prior notification to the organizer. This event is part of a larger communication plan managed by the organizer and participants are kindly requested to respect this.


5.6 Failure by the organizer to enforce any of its rights during the competition or at any time does not constitute a waiver of those rights.


5.7 Participants need to have their own smartphone charged with data at their own expense to participate in some of the activities and training.


5.8 The participants must follow @opportunitiesarehere on Instagram and Facebook and must also subscribe to the project YouTube channel.


5.9 Participants agree to receive future marketing material from the organizers and partners but will be free to unsubscribe from receiving the same at any time.


5.10 Obligations of the organizer:

5.10.1 The Organizers will organise this competition, and the talent show attached to it, to the best of their abilities with the aim to foster employability and/or entrepreneurial spirit for young creatives. The all project is not for commercial or gainful intents but with the only scope to promote the contestants’ talents, and for entertainment purposes only.

5.10.2 The Organizer, through this innovative project, aims to engage and empower the participants, showcasing potential economic opportunities in the creative industries by supporting business training, providing exposure through the visibility of the competition and networking in the creative industry.

5.10.3 The Organizer selects a big Kenyan media group to assure high visibility to the show

5.10.4 The Organizer, through the marketing campaign of the competition, offers the contestants high value visibility throughout the competition’s media partner channels and other social media platforms.

5.10.5 The Organizer will endeavour to promote the principles of fairness and equality throughout the competition.

5.10.6 The Organizer will endeavour to promote a safe environment, free from any discrimination.

5.10.7 The Organizer will organize different activities for the benefit of the participants, which span from panels of discussions with creative influencers, talent development activities and Masterclasses with relevant personalities where the participants can listen and interact virtually.

5.10.8 The Organizer will organize for the participants that qualify at each step: an online competition with high visibility attached, a 6 (six) days bootcamp in preparation of the finale show, a Grand Finale Show (of high production value) broadcasted live and showcased on TV, a 3 (three) months incubation period with a leading Kenyan incubator.

5.10.9 This high value production is organized for the participants that qualify FREE OF CHARGE with no cost, as the Organizers will bear all costs related to the organization of such.


5.11 Benefits for the participants that qualify at each stage:

The participants that qualify for each phase will receive the following benefits:

– soft skills training,

– social media visibility,

– possibility to be showcased on KTN HOME + Vybes FM

– interactive masterclasses and panels of discussion

– 6 (six) days stay for the bootcamp at a 4 star hotel (accommodation and feeding provided) free of charge

– a Grand Finale Show organized for them

– 3 (three) months incubation to help them develop their creative business



6.1 All the stakeholders of this project acknowledge that the participants are the original owners of all videos/designs/clothes/music or other materials presented/uploaded during or at any phase of selections and agree that the organizer will not be held responsible for any issue of copyright or infringement on the part of the Participants.


6.2 Submission(s) should not contain any third party materials, or otherwise violate or infringe (or possibly infringe) any copyright, trademark, logo, mark, design that identifies a brand (other than EFI)


6.3 The airing of the contestants’ auditions, performances and episodes is not for commercial or gainful intents but with the only scope to promote the contestants’ talents. The show is for entertainment purposes only and as per the Copyright Act the use of such material for fair use will be allowed. The participants are encouraged to come up with original work at all times. The organizer does not claim ownership of the work being showcased.



7.1 Entrants agree to cooperate with EFI & the incubators in any post-competition report where they may be required to submit information, pictures, videos, proof of activity regarding their business/brand and the progress made throughout the incubations. This obligation will remain in place for 2 years from the date of the start of the competition.


7.2 Entrants agree to cooperate with the organizer in any post-event publicity where they may be required to appear on television or radio, in printed publications, or social media platforms for which no fee will be payable.


7.3 Participants grant the organizer the right to, for an indefinite period, use all information provided to it through this competition for promotional, marketing, publicity, research and profiling purposes. This only applies for their entries to this competition (including auditions).



The participant shall keep confidential information confidential or will use reasonable care to prevent the unauthorized use or dissemination of the confidential information. This clause shall survive the duration of this contract.



9.1 These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the organizer and the participants.


9.2 The organizer may amend these terms and conditions at any time by giving reasonable notice, which amended terms and conditions will be binding on the

participants. Please check this T&C periodically for any amendments or ask the organizers.



Neither party is responsible for any failure to perform its obligations under this agreement, if it is prevented or delayed in performing those obligations by an event of force majeure.



11.1 These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with Laws of the Republic of Kenya.


11.2 Any dispute arising here shall be settled amicably between the parties. If amicable settlement of the dispute fails, it shall be referred to a court with competent jurisdiction under the laws of Kenya.



If any part of these terms and conditions is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms and conditions will remain in full force and effect.


All Participants are obliged to read in full the Terms & Conditions as well as all guidelines provided by the organizers from time to time. By taking part in this competition, you are deemed to have accepted the ‘’Terms and Conditions’’ and to be bound by them.


This project doesn’t not have any commercial or gainful intent, the only scope is to promote upcoming talents.


EFI 2021.