Business Development

How EFI is accelerating sustainable business around the world

Building capacity and creating jobs

Our experts help small businesses in developing economies to reach their full potential, building business skills to make them stronger, more competitive, able to create more and better jobs. A leading voice in sustainable and ethical fashion, EFI also encourages debate and innovation, driving positive change in the industry.

Supporting the creative industries

More than just markers of who we are, culture and identity are also amazing engines for development. We work with entrepreneurs in the creative industries to build business skills, monetize creativity, export cultural products and create jobs in theatre, cinema, art and design.

Boosting green business

We actively choose partners sensitive to the environment. For example, in Uzbekistan and Burkina Faso our silk and cotton social enterprises use natural dyes to minimize water pollution. Our partner brands want shorter, greener supply chains and circular production, like our Kenyan partner who regenerates used textiles.

EFI's business development projects

Social enterprise development

Social enterprises consider not just profit, but also people and the planet. Our experts help them improve their business administration skills in finance, production, marketing and environmental stewardship. We increase productivity, build resilience, and open new markets that mean more better-paid and meaningful jobs.

Experienced social enterprises become production hubs for small community groups and micro-businesses. They provide advice, training, workspaces, logistics and whatever small producers need to get their products to market and become active participants in the formal economy.

Designer Accelerator

EFI’s dedicated team identifies young, dynamic fashion and homeware brands with good growth and commercial potential. Our mentors work with designers and fashion entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level.

We help budding designers and fashion businesses to harness their creative and productive capacities and develop exciting new collections. Then we help bring their products to the attention of global fashion brands, or to elevate their own brand on lucrative international markets.

Opportunities Are Here

Africa’s hottest talent show, on TV in Kenya, Uganda, Cote D’Ivoire and Burkina Faso, Opportunities are Here is also a mentorship programme, a bootcamp and a megaphone for African creatives.

EFI brings together some of the top names in African design to discover and develop tomorrow’s fashion business stars.