Homeware Accelerator

Supporting the next wave of Central Asian design talent 

The EFI Accelerator supports local, sustainable labels to expand internationally and create employment opportunities for artisans.

After several successful terms of the Accelerator in Africa, EFI launched a new and first-of-its-kind Accelerator dedicated to homeware designers based in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan.

This eight-month programme provides interior design brands and designers with tailored support to develop their business model, enhance their sustainability credentials and amplify their creative capacities. The chosen designers receive support in a number of areas including production and creative direction, accessing new markets, and building a sustainable enterprise.

The Homeware Accelerator is supported by the European Union and UNESCO. 

Altai Osmo, one of the selected designers from Kyrgyzstan
AIKEN, a Kazakhstani label selected to participate in the Homeware Accelerator

How does the Accelerator support selected brands? 

Production and creative direction

Through their own assigned production mentors, brands receive the help needed to expand their supply chain and scale up their production, source new products and develop their production team. The Accelerator supports the management and production of the first collection. 

Accessing new markets

Brands are supported to launch their collections in new markets following an analysis of their international business potential.  Following a thorough analysis of the brand’s international business potential, chosen brands are guided and mentored through the launch of their collections in new markets. Tailored merchandising support is provided, and brands have the opportunity to present at an international event. Over the course of the eight-month Accelerator, brands benefit from visibility on EFI social media platforms, as well as the EFI network, connecting them to new markets and new consumers.

Building a sustainable enterprise

Embedding sustainable practices into existing business models are a core area of this Accelerator.  Brands address how to evaluate their brands against the Environmental, Social and Governance Criteria (ESGs), with EFI’s sustainability framework.