Located within a region of vast history of silk and cotton production, Uzbekistan is famous worldwide for its intricate Ikat designs.

EFI collaborates with a number of local communities to build export capacity and create local employment. Ikat UZ, EFI’s social enterprise partners in Margilan, serve as an open platform for creating opportunities for artisans to introduce their products to new markets while preserving traditional craftsmanship and cultural values.

The European Union supports EFI activities in Uzbekistan through the Identity Building and Sharing Business Initiative.

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Ikat Uz, Margilan

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in 2020

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Identity Building and Business Sharing Initiative.

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EFI's social enterprise partners in Uzbekistan

Making ikat is a complicated process that involves 37 steps and the work of many artisans. In Uzbekistan, ikat has been produced for centuries, passed on through generations. Natural dyes are used to colour the silk, and it is woven into a beautiful silk cloth or velvet after the designs have been carefully applied.  Watch the video to learn more about this unique technique. 

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