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Margilan, a city in the east of Uzbekistan, was an important stop along the ancient Silk Road. A region with a rich history of silk and cotton production, this tradition has been carried along through generations, and the city is famous for its Ikat designs. We are working with a number of communities here to build export capacity and create employment.

After completing extensive research in the region, EFI has partnered with social enterprise, IkatUz, and a cooperative of independent artists. IkatUz brings together 5 masters, 9 workers and more than 50 weavers, and serves as an open platform for creating opportunities for them to introduce their products to new markets, while preserving traditional craftsmanship and cultural values. In smaller, independent workshops in Margilan we are collaborating with a cooperative of artisans to implement our social and environmental standards.

EFI’s work in Uzbekistan is proudly supported by the European Union’s Identity Building and Business Sharing Initiative. 

Meet the Artisans


Ikat Weaver

Salomat Khola

Silk Reeling Master


Ikat Weaver


“Gulavardor” Heddle Making Master


Thread Layering Master

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