Uganda, now home to some of the world’s largest refugee camps, is a country well-known for its craftsmanship and artisanal capabilities.

In order to support Uganda’s economy, alongside EFI’s social enterprise partners in Kenya, Artisan Fashion, EFI now collaborates with a number of handicraft groups in the country, where palm leaf weaving is a predominant skill, and the raw material is cut and dyed to make beautiful baskets and other homeware.

EFI is also developing a plastics project in the region. The European Union supports EFI activities in Uganda through the Identity Building and Sharing Business Initiative. 

1 social enterprise partner

Artisan Fashion in Kenya coordinate all production activities in Uganda

3 community groups

Loketa Womens Group, Kuru Group, and Wendow

3 creative businesses incubated

Following Opportunities are Here Project X Uganda


Supported by the European Union

Identity Building and Business Sharing Initiative

Quotation from Impact Assessment with name, age , community group

EFI's Social Enterprise Partners in Uganda

Plastic upcycling

Palm leaf weaving 


Basket weaving

Interior design


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