Rafael Kouto x BERNINA – “A Drop of Sunshine” Collection

The fabric for this collection was made in Burkina Faso, with our social enterprise partner CABES

80% of the artisans were women

A total of 14 artisans worked on this order, producing 152 meters of fabric

Thanks to this order, the artisans have acquired new skills in dyeing protocols and weaving natural dye fabric properly, enabling them to bring colors to life according to the customer’s preferences. The women have revisited ancestral techniques of natural dyeing. Succeeding in the intricate art of natural dyeing is not an easy task in textile craftsmanship.  

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Natural Materials

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Community Engagement

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Meet The Makers

“My name is Blandine ZAGRE, a mother of five, all of whom are enrolled in school. I have been working with AFEPO, a CABES affiliate, for nearly seven years. This order has been highly beneficial for me and my family. It has allowed me to take care of my family’s health and support my husband in our children’s education and the purchase of school supplies. I sincerely thank the client who, through CABES, has provided us with the opportunity to showcase our skills. I am optimistic that the next time, I will once again give my very best.”

Blandine ZAGRE

“My name is Fatouma SONGNABA, 34 years old with three children. I enthusiastically joined the CABES workshop network in 2019. This order has allowed me to develop new skills in the field of weaving fabrics with a plain weave, specifically in the case of naturally dyed fabrics. We worked in a way that prevented water from coming into contact with the fabric, leading us to cover the visible surface with a piece of fabric throughout the execution of the order. Thanks to this order, I was able to contribute to household expenses and my children’s education. Long live CABES and its customers.”


“My name is Augustine NIKIEMA, 35 years old, mother of four, three of them in school. I have been a part of the CABES workshop network for eight years. This order has been instrumental in helping me cover my household expenses and support my children’s education. Additionally, it has provided me with an opportunity to acquire new skills to ensure the fabric’s density. I wish to express my gratitude to the client for placing their trust in CABES, specifically in my capacity, to fulfill this order. Working on this project has been a genuine pleasure for me.”

Augustine NIKIEMA

Meet the Makers

People first. Fair supply chain. Living wages. Dignified working conditions.

We carry out a Social Impact Report for every collection made in collaboration with the Ethical Fashion Initiative. 

Social workers are embedded in the communities in which we work, and closely monitor the implementation of our code of conduct. 

Extensive data is collected to carefully measure the impact of each order, to ensure that the work is positively impacting the lives of the artisans and that our projects are working towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.