UN Alliance Webinar – Fashion and The City

‘Fashion And The City: The role of municipalities in promoting circularity and more sustainable consumption patterns in the fashion sector.’

Sustainable fashion is often regarded as an issue of international trade and global issues, disregarding the role of local municipalities in the phenomena of overproduction and overconsumption and their trickle-down effects. Yet many cities around the world have started to think of this challenge and develop innovative mechanisms to reduce the volume of production and overconsumption and support their city’s fashion sector’s transition to sustainability.

The event will gather experts and stakeholders from various global cities and specialized organisations to shed light on issues such as waste reduction, consumption behaviours and circular business services, and the relevance of municipalities in addressing it.

  • How can municipalities reduce waste, induce sustainable consumption behaviours in their citizens and promote sustainable choices, and circular business services ?
  • Do municipalities that are at the receiving end of fast fashion initiate policies and initiatives to re-address the phenomenon?
  • Can cities impact the fashion industry by changing consumption patterns of their citizens?

Watch the recording of the webinar