A small country in Central Asia abundant in natural resources, Tajikistan has a rich background in the folk craft of artistic embroidery.

EFI currently works in Khujand, one of Central Asia’s oldest cities, in supporting artisan communities and creating employment opportunities.

Alongside social enterprise partners Ozara, EFI strives to cultivate the craft of embroidery that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Our Homeware Accelerator identifies top design talent from the region to showcase at international events. 

The European Union supports EFI activities in Tajikistan through the Identity Building and Sharing Business Initiative. 

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100% Women

Ozara is a women-led cooperative empowering marginalised communities

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European Union


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Meet The Suzani Embroidery Experts

Embroidery is loaded with meaning in Tajikistan, where it plays a central role in wedding ceremonies across the country. In the months and sometimes years before a marriage, the brides family begin to embroider a large piece of cloth with silk and cotton threads that will be wrapped around the newlywed couple on their wedding day.

Pomegranates for fertility, flowers for beauty and bright colours for joy, every stitch is a symbol, another language in Tajik culture. This embroidery work plays an important role; it empowers women in difficult family situations, and preserves this traditional skill and the rich culture of Tajikistan

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Suzani Embroidery

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